The fate of the atheistic scientist.

I have spent a large part of my life studying the mysteries of creation and life.  I was pulled for a time by the world of science into not being sure or not believing God existed, and that religions were myths and psychological crutches that Man grasp onto out of insecurity or fear of death.  I was convinced that after all explanations for creation were explored a reasonable person would not believe in God,  and that the laws of nature controlled creation,  and life appeared spontaneously by random processes over a long period of time.  In contrast,  my youth  also included a foundation in Christianity and for a long time my mind was a battleground.  I eventually found in the bible that the words “seek and you shall find” were my truth.   My searching and reasoning mind was resolved with a strong, doubtless belief in God as the Creator.  Spending years on trying to be fair and unbiased, and examining many controversial factors about the conflict of science and religion,  gave me an insight into the mentality of the unbelieving scientist.

Scientist believe that knowledge will lead to discovery and their intellect and reason will bring understanding.  Science has discovered many astonishing things in the recent decades because of  major breakthroughs of modern technology.  These advances have shown: that the universe is much larger than thought with stars and galaxies accelerating outward through space;  that matter is made of much smaller and more complex particles than ever imagined;  that fossil finds are continuously modifying the theories of evolution and Man’s origin; and that projects like the Human Genome Project and genetics have made our understanding of life, disease, and the human body much more complicated.   Everything is so much more sophisticated and complex that many scientist feel validated to believe that Man no longer needs a God to explain creation.  They believe science will discover scientific principles that will satisfy their quest for answers.  What they don’t know now scientifically they will find out eventually.  Hence,  trust in science,  believe in science,  science is truth.

Scientist think that believing with testable evidence is credible and to choose mystical, paranormal,  philosophical concepts that are unprovable is irrational.  Their rational mind  resist the beliefs of people they perceive as weak,  needy,  fearful,  and mindless followers of a ritualistic cult.  The people who believe in God as creator have sold themselves out to peer pressures,  conditioned upbringing,  unfounded seducing promises,  and a lying opportunistic marketing plan.  They especially doubt Christians when they talk about stories that are right out of movie dramas, such as,  Adam and Eve,  Moses,  Noah,  Sampson,  and Christmas which to them are like mythology.   Miracles like Israel fleeing the Egyptians, Jonas’s three days in the belly of a whale, David’s defeat of Goliath,  and the Divinity of Jesus Christ are unbelievable because they cannot be proven by science’s strict rules of proof.   In fact, they strongly feel there is no truth to these and it’s silly to try to prove them.

I found that after many years of reading the laws, theories, and hypotheses of science that there are many, many unexplained facts that scientists “believed” and a lot of unproven or unprovable assumptions.  It was troubling to read so many articles of science full of  “may be or might”,  or “perhaps”,  and the famous “ we don’t know”.  Perhaps (pun intentional), scientist really “don’t know if God exist”, although some claim very vigorously that they do know.  Why are they open to so many bizarre,  spectacular,  unprovable,  extreme ideals that do not come close to fulfilling their own strict rules of proof?  Science’s controversies,  contradictions,  and fallibility is historic;  from the flat earth,  a steady state universe,  the extreme changes in their pretty evolution diagrams they continue to print even though known wrong, and the ever-changing
 unprovable concepts of the “theory of everything” marrying quantum physics with astrophysics.  Scientist still arrogantly assert and defend their correctness,  adding new speculations like the multiverse or parallel universes, multiple dimensions,  new biotic soups demonstrating life’s chemical creation, and life on other planets.    I have also seen so many newly discovered  “unknowns”  in modern scientific breakthroughs.  The very complexity of creation makes these discovery gaps huge.  Briefly some of these are:  what is the singularity,  dark matter and energy,  the key to animate from inanimate matter,  the source of development of new species,  and the reason everything seems “just right” for life on Earth?   From the multitude of corrected theories I became very concerned with the unwillingness or inability of scientist to admit the multitude of misconceptions and errors that highlights their mistakes along the way.  Does the arrogance of science negate a honest “we were wrong” to the public?  Does the historic battle of religion and science result in the lose of integrity of sciences claim for truth without deception?

So how does someone who wants to be reasonable and honest,  find God?   I found after many years of reading the bible,  that it says that many will have eyes that will not be able to “see” and acknowledge the vision of God’s creation,  or ears that will not be able to “hear” the words of God’s plan of salvation,  and will have a heart hardened to spiritual truths.  This is what I saw in the resistence of the atheist,  and God is where I looked to find answers to my questions.
This is not frivolous ranting because “the wages of sin is death”.  An old testament prophet would warn of the foolishness of rejecting God.  A Christian is aware of God’s judgement and the consequences of not believing.  I started my studying to try to figure out the meaning and purpose of life.  Only after I was confronted with the promise of God offering eternal life did I realize that life is just a momentary spark of fire,  quickly extinguished,  and death is the ultimate journey to forever.  In the light of being reborn to an immortal spirit, a finite worldly death truly makes life a vanity.  The arrogant, unrelenting, denying scientist shares the same fate as the rich man who will not relinquish luxury, wealth, and power for God.  The act of the scientist relying on reason to deny the evidence of God’s Creation, and the rejection of visions and ideas that display the intelligence of creation, leads to the harsh reality of damnation.  As with the rich man, so goes the atheist scientist.

To me it is unreasonable that the rational mind will not seek out the truth of God,  but will believe science will someday have the answers to the mysteries of the universe.  I feel I live in an enlightened age.   I came to think something quite profound about the many novel discoveries I was finding in all sciences.  To me this ‘enlightened age” is part of God’s plan to show Man the magnitude and magnificence of His creation.  The very complexity being revealed in areas of numerous scientific disciplines,  especially cosmology,  genetics,  and quantum mechanics convinced me of the very high degree of intellect involved in creation.  These discoveries seemed to create more questions than answers and showed me in a very convincing manner that no natural forces could explain these apparent complex designs.  I propose our great “scientific century of discovery”  exposes the greatness of creation.  I propose that we are exploring more about “what” exist in creation but hardly touch on the fundamental question of  “how”?  The scientific breakthroughs of technology are because,  at this time,  God wants Man to know His creation is truly divine.  We are constantly discovering what exist in the world and in the universe around us, and if we realize how grand this creation is, we can “see” that creation is truly divine.  

Unfortunately,  some scientist who have doubts about their beliefs will have a hard time facing the peer pressures and ostracism they will receive if they reveal themselves to the scientific community.  Scientist face a very difficult task of believing in God,  because they face the pull of sin and worldly pleasures, and also cannot escape their analytical mentality that requires evidence rather than faith to believe.  Believing in God and in Jesus is not a surrender, but an inspiration given by God to a rational man.


I have no wisdom, except that which God has given me. I can find no truth, except that which God has chosen to reveal to me. If I can surrender my will to God, I will fear no false testimony or heresy. There is no reason to write except to be a vehicle for God’s glory and a voice for His message. To be led by His spirit, and given words and insight at His direction, that is my prayer. Let me be humble in your sight, my Lord, and fearless in my declaration of your truth. Let me be a messenger for your will and glory.

Life offers the opportunity for salvation or damnation. Our free-will directs our choices, to have faith in God and receive His plan of salvation, or reject and not believe God’s existence and the words and actions of His Son, Jesus. Our journey in life is towards God or away. Belief is a simple act, but it is a hard, difficult journey to get there. It is not easy to fight the world and the temptations of sin, for an unseen spiritual world, submission of free will and a life of obedience to God. In fact, it is impossible without God’s intervention.

To find God is a blessing. He is revealed to all, but not seen or heard by those whose heart is hardened and mind is resistant. If you seek, if you are left in such desolation that God is your only hope, if your mind can find no peace because you want answers, if you need to fill an emptiness and futility inside you, if in your heart you feel that life has purpose and meaning you cannot find – even so, when you are desiring to see and hear, God must choose it to be so. Do not take lightly when God’s glory is revealed to you. You are among the few and need be a grateful and loyal recipient of God’s grace.

Given God’s law, it is not hard to understand the state of human sinfulness. The standards of righteousness and holiness are impossibly high, and unattainable without God’s mercy and grace. Ever try to give a day to God? Everything is a distraction. Try to fast for God, try to not do the things you crave that will corrupt your focus on God. The thoughts of everyday life crowd God out. Family projects, events, problems, T.V., the news, entertainment, work and menial tasks, wandering thoughts; personal concerns – your mind and body are trained to take care of your desires and needs on a daily basis . It is hard to stay interested in God. It is boring. It is dull and repetitious. It is contrived and requires the utmost discipline. Why do we yearn for the excitement of sin and distraction? Why does the world pull on us so effectively? Shamefully, it is difficult to give even an hour, much less a day or a lifetime.

Our life is given by God for His pleasure. We are created, given free will, and the ability to reason at His discretion. Our life and the entire fate of all His creation is at His command. As arrogant and full of ourselves as we get, when we believe, we must fall to our knees and worship and praise the majesty of God. Our foolishness lies in disbelief, our wisdom lies in recognition. God need not be Holy and Righteous to be my God. He need not be merciful and graceful to me. He need not make a covenant for my salvation. I owe allegiance to God as my creator and Lord. It is because God is love that I am taught to love Him. The greatness of His love is the life of Jesus, who died for me.

To be a Christian is to want to be pleasing to God. His command is to love, our duty is to obey. The character of love is as the character of Jesus. His Son is our path to righteousness and favor in God’s eyes. As Jesus showed mercy, kindness and forgiveness, so must we. As Jesus exemplified God’s will, so should we. As Jesus stood apart from the world, so should we.

By Gordon Hisayasu

"James, James" a voice awakens me. Disorientated, confused, my heart is pounding. The clock glaring in the dark reads 2:18 A.M. Alone, desperate to understand where the voice comes from, I contemplate the reality of the moment.

"Who are you? Where are you?" I cry out.

"I am . . . within you."
The voice is soft and gentle, the words spoken as a whisper, but still my body is trembling. Shaking with disbelief, the sound resonates deep within me. I grab my pillow pulling it over my head in an attempt to muffle the sound. What’s happening to me?

"Take a deep breath and hold it ", says the voice.

The voice conveys an authority that compels me to surrender to its’ command. Taking a deep breath, I hold it, somehow comforted by my obedience. My eyes are open and I can feel the pounding of my heart. I know I’m not dreaming or talking to myself. Something is here talking to me. As I attempt to sort out what’s happening to me, the lack of oxygen soon brings me to a crisis.

"All that stands between life and death is your next breath."
Gasping, I feel the air filling my depleted lungs.

"Is not life precious?" I hear.

"Are you a creation of my mind?", I ask, still breathing deeply.

"No, I am not a manifestation of your mind. You are now aware of my presence. I was always aware of you. As you start to comprehend what I say you will understand more."
"What do you want?"

"There are things I need you to know."
"Do you know everything?", I challenge, trying to mask the apprehension this situation is causing.

"I know more than you. Your potential to understand is limited. Now, close your eyes".
My mind races in confusion and anxiety. In time, the quiet room and still night calms me.

"Free your senses to capture the moment" The soothing effect of these words are magical.

Eyes closed, concentrating, I soon realize it is not quiet. The environment around me is rich in sounds. I hear air rushing in and out of my lungs. I feel my chest swell with each breath and I am aware of each movement my body makes. I even feel the beat of my heart. Introspective in the cozy warmth of my bed, feeling the cool night air on my face, I am filled with a sense of my own existence. It is amazing to capture all this and feel so alive.

"Open your eyes and turn on your light." the voice startles me back to reality.

"Look at yourself in your mirror. Marvel at the creation of life."
The visions before me are starling. My eyes witness the true reality of life and the world around me. I see my reflection and view the astonishing miracle of a living organism. Likewise, I am enthraled by the beauty of my room, so full of pictures and mundane things of modern design, like TV, stereo, lamps, books, and my trusty computer. So much is hidden without sight. Sight completely changes and enhances the blind concepts of existence. A new reality is revealed which adds perspective of where and who I am.

"The vastness and significance of creation is beyond your grasp. You only see a very small part of the whole. You underestimate God."
Offended, this voice ignores the dedication and efforts I have always made to explore the mysteries of the universe. I have studied many things; like cosmology, theories on life and evolution, genetics, and even attempts to understand the theories of quantum mechanics. "I don’t know everything, but I don’t think I’m ignorant or blind", I respond defensively.

"The vanity of Man prevents grasping the truth of divinity in creation. Knowledge does not give you wisdom to open your mind and heart to God."
"If you know me then you know I believe in a creator, and Jesus Christ. I am a Christian."

"Yes, I know what you believe, but your beliefs are limited and not wholly formed. I can help you comprehend the wonder of creation."
"God reveals himself to Man by nature, exposing evidence of design. Many elaborate steps were necessary for the existence of the universe, galaxy, solar system, and the world, all of which are created to serve as a home for Man. As more facts are discovered, the evidence is more convincing. When God said "Let there be light", it would be insignificant if not accompanied by the creation of sight. Is it not amazing that sight exists in so many forms on Earth. Even so, recent discoveries that increase your limited sight, like the Hubble telescope, open doors to further enlightenment. Science provides evidence and it is God who guides the developments of science. This is part of God’s plan to reveal his authorship as creator. For this reason Man is given intellect and curiosity."

"I know what you are saying. The unexplainable, extreme complexity of every area I explored gave me assurance of my belief in God. Yet, it is still incomprehensible how God could plan all events of creation, leading up to our world and life, starting from just a "singularity" and a "big bang"? The detail necessary for everything being "just right" is such a stretch of credibility."

"Creation necessitates . . . just right. This means God made everything perfect to make you possible. No errors. No deficiencies. Everything planned. It means taking a singularity, creating an explosion and making a "tree" billions of years later. The evolution of galaxies, stars, supernova for the formation of elements, elements from stardust for the formation of life, life for the evolution of Man, were all anticipated by God. The foolishness of Man is to not honor God’s omnipotence in the truth of the immense complexity of design."
It is astounding to acknowledge God guiding science as a tool for our revelation. I collected data to convince myself of God, never anticipating how clearly God’s supreme intelligence to create "order from chaos" would be displayed. Enlightened by this voice, I feel such gratitude for the incredible privilege of life. In reflection, I think about my unanswered questions of eternal life and salvation. "Is my belief in Christ also short-sighted?, I ask timidly.

"Belief in Jesus is a choice. It is the product of Faith not evidence. Can you imagine that Man is created for this purpose?"

"When I was young I was saved. Struggling with doubts and temptation I gave in to a sinful and selfish life. I lost my way. Is there a way back?"

"I know of your battles and defeats. You lost sight of the beauty of Christ. I was with you but you resisted me. As your heart hardened, you created distance with your cold indifference and self indulgence."
Painfully, I remember how I wouldn’t surrender myself for fear of missing out on experiences of the pleasures of life. "It is strange, but I always fought selling out completely to temptation because of some lingering sense of integrity. Was it you who was always pulling at me?", I ask.

"Yes, I was with you. There is something you should now understand. The choices in the short, finite life of a Man determine his destiny. Is not immortality a worthy pursuit?"
"How can I really grasp immortality? I live anticipating my death. I can’t envision anything as eternal, not the Universe, not Earth and, especially, not life. Death seems so final."

"As God created life, surely everlasting life is possible. You fear death because you value your finite life on earth. If you redefine life as eternal you are free of that fear. Death liberates your soul to immortality. Your mind cannot truly imagine eternity. You are imprisoned by time. Given eternity, how pertinent is a second?, a year?, a billion years? Your life on Earth is relatively less than a blink of an eye. Life measured as eternal is truly precious. It is the gift of salvation that opens the door to eternity."
"I don’t think I really understand salvation. The world is corrupt and immoral. It is hard to comprehend being saved. Are we being saved from sin or saved from death?"

"Salvation is from both sin and death and is a product of God’s love. A measure of love is when you miss someone, like those you love who have died. Love requires companionship. This is the true significance of the creation on Man. God’s plan of salvation is for us to be with Him. You are given an everlasting spiritual existence with God. The grace of God is the gift of salvation through his son, Jesus Christ. This is His covenant with Man."
"I know who you are. You are the Holy Spirit." Neglecting my Faith, I had forgotten the promise of the Spirit of God. This night has given me inspiration and taught me the Glory of God. I am truly blessed and healed.

"I have been with you since you first believed. Beloved James, this night you have died."
Stunned, I wonder what will happen next. I am so full of enthusiasm. I have wasted much of my life. "Can I atone for all I have done?", I plea, as my body is engulfed by a brilliant light and I am sweep into an unimaginable realm. A sense of peace and comfort fills me as I view the presence of the Holy Spirit.

"You can’t, but come with me for by God’s grace you have a place with Him. You will live in the ultimate of His creation."