My View

By Gordon H, Hisayasu

Life is full of crisis. It is the exercise of reason and free will that decides how to handle these crisis. A large part of our character is developed by the nature of those decisions. Do not give away your freedom of choice, value your decisions, for they are the keys to the nature and strength of your character. Your choices define and give power to determine who you are. Be of strong and righteous character.

Helplessness breeds frustration. To accept the will of God and know that 'things are the way they should be,' is the way to peace.

Our intellect gives us the ability to grasp the wonders of creation. How vain not to believe or respect the existence of a creator. Our intelligence should lead to no other conclusion, other than, the universe and life are intelligently created.

The beauty of the world lies in the unproven spiritual world. When your agenda in life is love, faith and hope; then your perspective on everything will lead you to gratitude and appreciation of the gifts of God. Remember salvation is not earned and is a gift that only needs to be accepted.

The meaning and purpose of life is our journey to God. Life is full of practicalities. Things like wealth, power and success can lead to comfort and security, however, beware their value is a trap that distracts from the truth. Things like kindness, sensitivity, love and forgiveness do not always bare rewards in life, yet they are the keys to our journey to God. The value of life is to learn this and accept God's gift of the Spirit.

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