Sunday, September 11, 2011

So Large, So Majestic

As I studied, every aspect of my exploration led to God. For me rational thought demanded the recognition of God’s hand in creation. The large values of numerical constants necessary in cosmology and quantum physics for the universe to exist, and the many factors that help sustain life on earth are very persuasive. Simply put, the ‘just rights’ and the ‘fine tuning’ are obvious and undeniable products of design. Everything seems to fit for our life on the planet Earth.

For life, all the world is a garden of Eden.
We exist because we can . . .
Our world was designed for us.
I am captured by specific topics of science that deal with creation and stirred my interest and imagination throughout my life. These topics laid the foundations for my belief in God. I was a medical technologist by profession, but my heart loved all sciences, first and especially, cosmology.
We see through a window in our galaxy.
The hidden universe is exposed and we find our thoughts were too restricted.
Suddenly, things are larger and we are smaller.
Is this our lesson from God?
In my generation, modern science exposed a universe much different from what we previously thought. Visions of galaxies, supernovae, nebulae, the cosmic background radiation, etc. increased our knowledge by giant steps. The accumulated knowledge of Man accelerated and expanded like the universe. The view of our universe changed, from trillions of stars to trillions of galaxies, from a finite steady state to an expanding universe created from a ‘big bang,’ from the Theory of Relativity to the theories of everything, and from the mysteries of the sun and planets to the mysteries of black holes, dark matter and energy. Primitive man looked to the heavens and a panorama of lights filled his mind with wonder. We look to the heavens and see more. The wonder remains but is more wondrous than before. The grandeur of the universe displays the creation by a wonderful and omnipotent God.
We drift insignificantly in space and wonder why the neighborhood is so large?
Maybe we really are significant and our landlord really cares?  
The specialness of our home makes it seem so!!

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