Friday, November 6, 2015

THE ORDER OF READING THIS BLOG IS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP ENTRIES.                                                                                                                                                                                              
                           1.  VISION OF CREATION
                           2.  SO LARGE, SO MAJESTIC
                           3.  LIFE: GOD’S PERFECT DESIGN
                           4.  A MIND OF MY OWN
                           5.  AMONGST THE CHOSEN


A heart hardened to understanding the truth of God.

Ears that cannot “hear” the call of God or the words of Jesus, the son of God.

Eyes that cannot “see” God in the beauty of nature or the wonders of creation that proclaim God’s glory.

“For many are called, but few are chosen”    Matt. 22: 14

Man has tried so hard to disclaim the existence of God.  The miraculous “just right” circumstances for a universe, or life to exist is explained by “maybe” parallel or multiple universes exist, or “possibly” this is the missing link, or the ever growing “un-provable” discovery of new forces of nature.  To offset the creation of life by God, it is speculated to be from space.   This is true for life’s carbon-based makeup, exemplified by DNA is made of the “dust of Earth” which is formed from the stardust of supernova.  Believe it or not, if you were going to make a man you would need a universe.  Evolution is partially explained by DNA, the mechanism for life’s diversity through mutation.  Evolution is also explained by the environmental  mass extinctions and pressures of, perhaps, “survival of the fittest”.  These things do not negate God, but display the awesome creativity and intellect of God.  Darwin on the other hand, gets very confusing when trying to explain the vast diversity of species and the many missing links.  Why is the quickly emerging scope of human knowledge so unable to explain so many of the mysteries of creation and so quick to provide speculations disproving the existence of God?

Initially, for me, science was the excitement of searching for knowledge to explain the mysteries of existence.  Like the mountain climber, such an endeavor was a necessary part of my quest, inquisitive nature.  Now, science reveals to me a creative God of unimaginable intellect.  A creator so complex and masterful that creation can only be the product of Divinity.  Today God is more than a personification ( like Father, King, Lord,or Master), but is truly the indescribable, in unapproachable light, all powerful,  great, “ I AM”.

The message of damnation at judgement for those who reject God and Jesus as the Son of God is clear in the Bible.  As with the rich man, it is hard for the skeptical intellect to enter the kingdom of God.  The compelling nature of worldly intellectualism and pressures make responding to the “call” of God hard to accept.    “But with God everything is possible”    Matt.19:26.

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